Have you had enough of the boring and typical CN webnovels. Time for a break! Check out this webnovel that is KR and has been trending recently. This is a great gem that is filled with intense action and hidden mysteries of the plot. You can’t help but to ask for more! Try it!

The Second Coming of Gluttony

Forms: Webnovel

Language: KR

Author: Ro Yu-jin

Translator: FudgeNouget

Chapters: 426/489 Chapters (On-going Translations)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural

Type: Cruel World, Emotional Read, Character development, Game elements, Gods, Unique Classes, Sword and Magic

Ratings: Novelupdates [4.5 / 5.0] (2133 Votes), Overwhelmingly recommended [WuxiaWorld.com] (331 reviews)



The second coming of gluttony is not your typical dungeons or tower climbing KR novel. It has an underlying plot that will slowly reveal itself. The protagonist starts off extremely deprived which results in him finding out another dimension. We will be able to slowly see his character progression from a twisted personality to a slightly better one.

Because of his past, which is shown from the first few chapters, results in him being very hardworking from the start. Although he has a deficit in his personality, he slowly becomes more and more like a normal human being. Where he learns to reflect and understand the people around him more.

The world-building is unique with a system similar to a RPG. Where the gods will give the skills and jobs to the character. However, every individual has bestowed a different class through their achievements from their adventures.

The starting few chapters are mainly our protagonist fighting without the care of his life as he has already given up himself. However, as he progresses, he realized that there is more than what meets the eye.

Enjoy yourself in this webnovel. Very good emotional rides and intense action while experiencing the protagonist character development!


Thousand Book Sect’s rating:

Progression: 10 / 10 (Very good way of showing the world and mysteries behind it)

Repetitiveness: 9 / 10 (Not much repetition, always a new type of arc, although it might not be very unique)

Character development: 10 /10(Mainly the protagonist growth and some side characters are shown to have some thoughts, especially the people around him in the real world)

Protagonist skills/ability: 8 / 10 (Cool Unique class)

Binge Potential: 10 / 10 (Very good binge read, especially when you do not want to stop reading until you find out the reasons behind some plots)

Overall: 9.4 / 10 (Just drop whatever you are reading and try this now haha)



Similar Novels:

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