The First Order

Chinese Name: 第一序列

Forms: Webnovel

Language: Chinese

Author: The Speaking Pork Trotter

Translator: Legge

Chapters: 526 / 1205 Chapters (Currently translating and ongoing writing)

Genre: Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Sci-fi Shounen Tragedy

Type: Brotherhood, firearms, game elements, unique abilities, post-apocalyptic, shameless protagonist

Ratings: Novelupdates [4.2 / 5.0] (94 Votes), Webnovel [4.7 / 5.0] (708 Votes)

Views: 3 million views []


This story is set in a post-apocalypse world whereby firearms are still one of the main factors of weapon, which most of these webnovels do not emphasise. Although the world is extremely rough, Ren Xiaosu is extremely close to his brother unlike the world setting.

Furthermore, there are many mysteries starting with the unique abilities that some people possess which will slowly get revealed as the plot progresses. Meanwhile, our protagonist will possess a system-like ability that would allow him to randomly copy someone’s skill. He does not just use this at face value, he also uses the loopholes in the skill to understand many people’s ability.

In addition, in most web novels where the protagonist starts from the slums, there would be a large character development factor on the cruelty of the world. However, our protagonist manages to stay positive and live his life to his fullest and help his brother.

There might not be a well fleshed out power system, but the story is extremely well thought out especially in the form of the post-apocalypse setting

With various side characters that has distinct personality, I believe I will not forget the brother of the protagonist, and their supportive feelings of each other even when I stop reading the webnovel.

There is also a larger underlying plot that does not make use of finding his lost girlfriend or anything of the sort. The plot is more realistic on exploring the outside world and finding the cause of the apocalypse and abilities.


Thousand Book Sect’s rating:

Progression: 10 / 10 (Not slow, progressive and interesting world-building)

Repetitiveness: 8 / 10 (Adventure like, but mostly solo missions)

Character development: 8 /10 (The side character is extremely well designed, however, there are only probably 2-3 memorable characters)

Protagonist skills/ability: 8 / 10 (Good system, but the way he uses it is more interesting)

Binge Potential: 8 / 10 (Great to read and ‘watch’ the adventures of how our protagonist unveil the mystery of the world

Overall: 8.4 / 10 – Great Novel to read after your current web novel!


Similar Novels:

Dark moon era (Similar start, but the latter parts have more sci-fi cultivation related plot)

48 Hours a day (Similar plot, but is in a modern world with an alternate universe)


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