Time for another round of I Eat Tomatoe’s Webnovels, this is a classic. A sequel to Coiling Dragon. For those classic Xianxia lovers that want an intense adventure!

Stellar Transformation

Chinese: 星辰变

Forms: Webnovels

Language: Chinese

Author: I eat Tomatoes

Translator: Translations Nation

Chapters: 680 / 680 [Completely Translated]

Genre: ActionAdventureFantasyMartial Arts, RomanceXianxia

Type: Unique cultivation technique, unique world, multiple realms, adventure


The protagonist first obtains a cultivation cheat item, which he proceeds to dominate everyone around him, (in his clan), followed by a free-roaming adventure. What makes this series fun to read is his cultivation technique, he will slowly develop the technique and turn it into something you will never expect.

Furthermore, as this is a Xianxia, there might be some slow development, however, the mc has some decent intelligence compared to the rest of the webnovels. As one work written by I eat Tomatoes, you can be sure that there would be zero to no harem.

Although this might not be the best webnovel, it is much better than most Xianxia out there. As this is a work written by IET, you can expect an honest, devoted, hardworking, and filial protagonist. If you also like a beast companion, look no more, and try reading!


Thousand Book Sect’s rating:

Progression: 8/ 10 (Mainly because the plot-driving factor is the romance, I don’t like to wait for a few hundred chapters to see the female lead again)

Repetitiveness: 7 / 10 (It is quite repetitive in terms of similarity between coiling dragon and ST, however, if you never read most of IET’s book, this will not feel as boring)

Character development: 7.5 (IET probably focused more on the world-building and adventure compared to fleshing outside characters, the only real character development is the MC, FL, and the pet)

Protagonist skills/ability: 10 / 10 (A very interesting way of cultivation)

Binge Potential: 7 (Might need a few breaks and drops before finishing the webnovel)

Overall: 8/10 (Good read if you have nothing else to read, especially in the XIanxia Genre


Similar Novels:

Coiling Dragon (806/806) – Extremely similar, especially the endings, and this is the prequel to ST (but it does not affect much)

Desolate Era (1450/1450) – Similar personalities, but different world and world-building

The only real similar webnovels to this would only be other works written by him as his style of writing is different from most authors.

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