Want to read about a weeb that received a dating sim? Try this out! Slowly follow the protagonist and reveal the cultivation part of society

A Will Eternal

Chinese Name: 当废宅得到系统

Forms: Webnovel

Language: Chinese

Author: Idle Fish Goes Ashore

Translator: Imperfectluck

Chapters: 842/842 [Hiatus by author]

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, School Life, Supernatural

Type: Modern world, Hidden cultivation world, Mysterious Background, School Life

Ratings: Novelupdates [3.7 / 5.0] (568 Votes), [4.4 / 5.0] (1,483 Votes)

Views: 20 Million on Webnovel.com



Hey there, this webnovel is a special unique modern world with cultivation. It slowly unveils the cultivation world in what seems like a modern world with no cultivation elements. The protagonist also has some untold past that would also slowly reveals. In addition, it is related to the cultivation world.

Once he obtained the system, he becomes more confident in taking on the cultivation path that he used to be on. However, due to circumstances, he was reduced to a normal high school student.

There is also lots of family engagement, especially with his sister, “sis-con”. However, he does not skive at all once he got the system, but instead, he started working even harder to achieve what he could not in the past.

However, it is only entertaining only at the first few hundred chapters, if you are planning to read it completely, the author is on hiatus. However, if you would like to read something enjoyable for a while, try this now! It is also very funny haha.



Thousand Book Sect’s rating:

Progression: 7 / 10 (Not much progression, usually revolves around the school life)

Repetitiveness: 9 / 10 (Interesting moments and great interaction)

Character development: 8.5/10 (There a bit of character development in the first few hundred chapters, however, it quickly falls off)

Protagonist skills/ability:7/10 (Not much to be in awe of)

Binge Potential: 8 / 10 (Great first part of the story)

Overall: 7.9 / 10 – Only try the first few hundred chapters



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