Looking for a webnovel? Finding something rare that you never heard or read before? Look at this hidden gem. I’ve never heard of this webnovel until I tried it before. It is amazing!

Divine Card Creator

Chinese Name: 超神制卡师

Forms: Webnovel

Language: Chinese

Author: Minus 90 Degrees

Translator: Atlas Studio

Chapters: (464/785) Chapters (On-going Translations)

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Harem

Type: Unique classes, Card Cultivation, Bro-com, Comedy, Shameless Protagonist

Ratings: Novelupdates [4.1 / 5.0] (29 Votes), [4.5 / 5.0] (293 Votes)

Views: 2 Million on Webnovel.com


This webnovel is mainly exploring legacies and events occurring around the protagonist’s city. The start of the story shows the retarded protagonist dying because of his shameful circumstances. First, the unique cultivation techniques are intriguing where he captures skills onto card. Similar to talisman.

Then, he wrecks havoc in a similar way to how Bai Xiaochun in a will eternal would. He flattens the whole place and pretends that he was forced to. Also, he throws an unlimited amount of cards to overpower the enemy like the episode where Bai Xiaochun throw an unlimited amount of artifacts.

The comedy is perfect as he is extremely shameless and the way he interacts with the people around him. The side characters are limited in such a way that all the characters have some development. Especially his disciples that he had gotten out of nowhere when he was trolling around his profession.

Similar to Bai Xiao chun, he is an extreme trouble maker such that most people that encountered him want him off as soon as possible.

If you like a light-hearted read, which some intense action, try this webnovel as it kept my mind occupied for quite awhile. A Bonus would be his sister, extremely strong yet doting (bro-con).

I have so many good things to say about this webnovel that you should just try it instead. The only sad part of this is the lack of world-building and repetitive legacy explorations.

Thousand Book Sect’s rating:

Progression: 8 / 10 (The progression is not there, you will feel that he should progress instead of just abusing his cards)

Repetitiveness: 8 / 10 (Might be repetitive, because the plot is just him staying in a small city with it being the center of events and mostly legacy exploration)

Character development: 10 /10 (Perfect personality for the main character as well as side characters, they all have different personalities and of course you will see a “fatty” that causes trouble everywhere he goes”

Protagonist skills/ability: 10 / 10 (Unique way of cultivation, especially how he starts his own lineage LOL)

Binge Potential: 10 / 10 (I might read and keep laughing non-stop if I did not need to sleep)

Overall: 9.1 / 10 – Read it now if you are not doing anything


Similar Novels:

A Will Eternal – comedic elements are similar

Card Disciple – the cultivation techniques are similar



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