Elder’s Hall

Sect Master and Patriarch

Greetings fellow Daoists, my name is Patriarch Zell and my Dao Title is Lord of the Thousand Books. After cultivating for more than a thousand years, I have finally reincarnated into a mortal body 22 Years ago. I was fascinated by the profoundness of the Dao of Webnovels, which resulted me in changing my course of cultivation into the Dao of Book. Coiling Dragon was the first book that I had read after dabbing into this Dao.

Since then, it had been a tough and arduous journey with young masters left and right. Ultimately, I endured and endured, which lead to uncovering heaven tier books in the vast continent. Which I would return my knowledge back into this world, to allow fellow Daoists to obtain enlightenment.

All guests to my sect will be treated respectfully and let us challenge the heavens together.

What I will be imparting in my sect will be as follows:


Mission Hall

Articles on recommendations

Collection Pavilion

Stored Articles.

Discord Sect

Hidden Sect from the Secluded world


Method used by mortals to spread information

Talisman Transmission

Would greatly appreciate if fellow Daoists would share their enlightenment or experiences with me to improve my sect, or just some suggestions.

Drop a post on my mortal Instagram or connect to me through my Talisman: [email protected].