[Participation in Ranking will grant you:


Honorary Ranking in Thousand Book Sect’s Website


Discord Roles

Mystic Rank – Human Roll
Earth Rank – Earth Roll
Heaven Rank – Heaven Roll
True Dragon Disciple – Dragon roll

To participate:

There will be a google form quiz for you to answer.
Each person will be required to key in your Dao title and Discord Name.
Any repeats will be disqualified.
The answer will not be given to prevent re-attempts
Try your best not to google – Let’s be Righteous Daoists


This is the ranking list for those who participated in:

Mystic rank – Top 10 in Webnovel Examinations at least once

Earth Rank – Top 5 in Webnovel Examinations at least 3 times

Heaven rank Top 5 in Webnovel Examinations at least 5 times

True Dragon Rank get first in Webnovel examinations at least 3 times


[Rank will renew every week with a new web novel examination]


Join the Discord [Discord.gg/UcgZqhj] if you think you will be part of the ranks!

Also, we can just talk about webnovels or anything.


==Currently On Hold==


Sect Examinations

Mystic Rank

The First Generation of Honor Roll