Hello fellow Daoists, I am back with a list of recommendations for you webnovel lovers. Having a cheat element in a webnovel is on at least 70% of the webnovels out there.

Find a random webnovel in this vast continent of Webnovel and flip 10 chapters and you might find exactly a cheat variable that turns our MC overpowered compared to the citizen of their world.

Let me share my library of webnovels. Enjoy!

7. Hidden Community

hidden community

Type – Group Chats:

[CN] Cultivation Chat Group (1384/3165) [On-going Translating]

[CN] Red packet server (1111/2671) [On-going Translation]

[CN]  Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (1834/4234) [On-going Translation]

[CN] My Amazing WeChat is Connected to the Three Realms (206/3335) [On-going Translation]


Overview: The protagonist all started out as a mortal, they were never going to be part of the cultivation world, but accidentally got added accidentally into a cultivation chat group that provides all sorts of experts and cultivation resources, resulting in them embarking on the path to immortality.

P.S The people in the group don’t know that the main character is a mortal and the protagonist does not believe them at first. This is set in the modern world with slice of life elements.


Type – Hidden Landlord:

[CN] I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World (1136/1610) [On-going Translation] [Sci-fi, Traveling from modern to apocalypse world]

[CN] Black Tech Internet café System (944/944) [Completely Translated]  [Slice of Life, Xuan Huan,]

[CN] Gourmet of Another World (1215/ 1851) [On-going Translation] [Slice of Life, Chef, Easy-life MC]


Overview: The protagonist all possess a type of property or building that is able to provide to a special needs that the world needs, items from the modern world, cultivation from playing games, f**king delicious food.

Which the protagonist would be required to use to provide them with advantages, such as cultivation.

[I have a mansion in the post-apocalyptic world, does not have cultivation and full of sex, so avoid it if you don’t like those]



[CN] Galatic Dark Net (470/470) [Completely Translated] [Sci-Fi, Xuanhuan, Cosmos]

Short summary: First the protagonist found a dark web that provides suspicious yet effective materials, then he encounters a hidden community of old foggies that trains him. A great blend of sci-fi, races, and cultivation.


[CN] Hail the King (1275/1275) [Completely Translated] [Xuanhuan, unique world system, Video Games*, grinding]

Short summary: The protagonist will transmigrate to a xuanhuan world with a unique cultivation ranking, but what makes it interesting is that he further get transported to another world that is extremely similar to diablo 3, where everything he does there gets brought back into reality (the new world that he is in).


[CN] Commanding Wind and Cloud (652/722) [Translation Halted] [Xuanhuan, various professions, grinding]

Short summary: This webnovel is similar to hail the king, that he gets transported into another reality where he gets to meet a group of “masters” in their profession and trains in a realistic manner, not a game. Which allows him to do real-life grind in a totally different world.


[CN] Pocket Hunting Dimension (340/1330) [On-going Translation] [Sci-Fi, Star realms, special abilities, cosmos]

Short summary: Our protagonist is able to live in a realistic “dream” that only consists of monsters and “energy/skill drops”, which he is able to bring over to the real world. This is quite a different webnovel as he actually reveals his energy drops to other people and shares them.


[CN] Bank of the universe (202/700 +) [On-going Translation and writings] [XuanHuan and cultivation]

[CN] Trafford Trading Club (V8/V15) [On-going Translations and writing] [Episodic, story, more like death parade]

Short Summary: Both webnovel allow the people of the world to access from anywhere and able to trade anything. While the protagonist will be extremely mysterious in that realm as the owner, they will only help the victims only when they receive what they needed.

Both webnovels starts out as a trading place that is lacking in resources and the plot is mainly to fill the place with treasures again.

6. Special Skills/Abilities

Cheat abilities

Type: KR style abilities

[KR] I never run out of Mana – (180/251) [On-going Translation] {Inifinite Mana}

[KR] The skill maker – (125/300) [Halted Translation] {To create different skills}

[KR] SSS-Class Suicide Hunter – (55/400) [On-going Translation] {Ability steal on death rofl}

[KR] Swordmaster Healer – (171/291) [Translation Halted] {Swordsman with healing abilities}

Overview: The webnovels mentioned are all dungeon styled, where one person only have 1 particular “awakened” ability. While the main character usually starts off in the lowest E-rank, and they will awaken or find out that the skills they possess is actually ridiculously broken.

The plot will be fast-paced dungeon clearing and ranking up to become the strongest on earth, while the rest of the people are still at their same rank or levels.


Type: Sci-fi World

[CN] Godly Model Creator – (1016/1089 [On-going Translation] [Sci-fi, Cultivation, Unique Abilities]

Brief Summary: The ability is similar to Law of Ueki, in a world with all kinds of unique abilities, our protagonist slowly figure out the utilities of his skills and realized that his ability is extremely cheat-like.

[CN] Monster Pet Evolution (853/853) [Completely Translated] [Sci-fi, Pokemon-like, Monster Breeder, Game elements]

Brief Summary: This world is denominated by monster pets, where the fights are done usually through them like pokemon, and the main character is able to see the stats and items needed for evolution, which is extremely overpowered in this world as the world needs to spend a lot of resources just to find out the items needed.



Type: JP Isekais

[JP] Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku (WN) (v18) [On-going Translation]

[JP] Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (WN) (304.5 chapters) [On-going Translation]

Overview: They both start off with the strongest spells every, for death march, it is a one-hit-the-world skill, for slime, it is absorbing every single thing by devouring (he can pretty much devour everything).

Death March: Slice of life, adventure, comedy, light read

Slime: Army-building, plot progression

5.Talent/Mysterious Background

Mysterious background

Generally, there are many CN webnovels out there that love to hide a mysterious background pertaining to either his past memories or his parents are extremely strong, most of the times the parents usually leave an op item with the protagonist, however, for this, we will talk about the talents of the protagonist because of his background.

The following webnovels mainly focus on the talents and not some “cheat item”:


Type – Mysterious Background:

[CN] Spirit Realm (1841/1841) [Completely Translated]

[CN] Martial God Asura (4000+/ 4779 + ) [On-going Translation and writing]

[CN] The Great Ruler (1560/1560) [Completely Translated]

[CN] Talisman Emperor (2166/2202) [On-going Translation]

[CN] Immortal God Emperor (1390/1390) [Completely Translated]

Overview: All the webnovels are set in a XuanHuan world, with the protagonist possessing the bloodline or talent because of their parents that they never knew was one of the strongest in the world.

Usually, they will have to cross multiple realms and encounter various plot, then starting to doubt themselves and finally realized that their parents are still alive. Or, was told by either the father/mother that their husband/wife is actually brought back to their ancestral clan because of the taboo of marrying him/her.

Most of their talents also spread to sub-profession, alchemist, blacksmiths, most likely it is a “rare and prestigious” profession in the particular xuan huan world.

Once the protagonist found out that their parents are actually alive and hidden somewhere in the world, the will do whatever they can to find them and eventually becomes the reason for plot progression.

If you like to read webnovels that has a plot that consists of occasional op helpers that is pseudo plot armor because of the MC’s background that he didn’t know and talents that allow the MC to progress faster than anyone else then leave the side characters every arc, try anyone of them.


Type – Talented Protagonist:

[CN] Paradise of demonic gods (1163/1163) [Completely Translated] [Game Elements, Level and class systems, eastern fantasy] {Protagonist traded his lifespan for the ultimate talent, while he tries to get revenge on those that abandoned him}

[CN] Invincible (1636/3763) [On-going Translations] [Xuanhuan, martial spirits, a protagonist that actually uses an organization] {Although, looked down in the beginning, he is insanely talented than most people of his world because of his martial spirit(s)}


4. Cheat Item

Cheat item

Type – Training Space/Time:

[CN] Martial God Space (759/3885) [On-going Translation] [XuanHuan, Multiple Realms, Mysterious Background]

[CN] Demon’s Diary (425/1552) [On-going Translation] [Xuanhuan, Unique Cultivation World, alchemy, talent plays an important role]

[CN] Tempest of Stellar War (1442/1442) [Completely Translated] [Sci-fi, Mecha, Planets and Space, also have a trainer in the space]

[KR] Everyone else is a Returnee (348/348) [Completely Translated] [Dungeons, Overpowered Protagonist, Fantasy World]

[CN] Ancient Strengthening Technique (2492/2492) [Completely Translated] [Xuan Huan, Mass harem,  dual cultivation techniques]  – More towards items placed inside the realm

Overview: All the protagonist will possess some sort of ability or item that allows them to ignore the time outside, or slow down the time tremendously and do training. This allows them to power spike while the rest does not know what they are doing.

Aside from Everyone else is a returnee, the main power upgrades will hover around the time-stop training upgrades. 


Type – Cultivation Booster

[CN] Martial Peak (1438/5424 +) [On-going Translations and writing] [Xuan Huan, Multiple Realms] {Obtained a cheat with new abilities everytime his cultivation advanced}

[CN] Peerless Battle Spirit (1712/3066) [On-going Translations] [Xuan huan, Multiple Realms, battle spirits] {Obtained a constantly evolving battle spirit that devour and grows, with extra abilities }

[CN] True Martial World (1710/1710) [Completely Translated] [Xuan Huan, Multiple Realm, unique world-building] {Obtained a relic that allows him to control energy, especially absorbtion}

[CN] Super God Gene (2603/3462) [On-going Translations] [Sci-fi, Futuristic, Monsters and Genes, monster-drop equipment] {Obtained a cheat that boosts all his genes obtained and more in future}

[KR] The Book Eating Magician (400/400) [Completely Translated] [Magic tomes, seven deadly sins, fantasy world] {Obtained a grimoire that turns every book straight into abilities}

[CN] Let me game in peace (440/1665) [On-going Translations and Writing] [Sci-fi, Pokemon-like, dungeons] {obtained a phone that can allow him to grind dungeons without risking his life and remotely}


Type – A.I Chips

[CN] Warlock of the Magus World (1200/1200) [Completely Translated]

[CN] Age of Adepts (1249/1512) [On-going Translations]

[CN] The Wizard World (646/646) [Completely Translated]

[CN] Mechanical God Emperor (638/1569) [On-going Translations] [Abit of Artifact crafting, but that is it, still the same as the rest]

Overview: They are all extremely similar, the story is set in a dark world where people does all the underground experiments that you can possibly imagine plus gore and mages. Finally, an A.I chip that helps to do computations, provide solutions, and store memories. Oh and it is usually brought over from the other world when they transmigrate.

3. Reincarnation/ Memories


Type – VRMMO Betrayals

[CN] Reincarnation of the strongest sword god (2694/2694) [Completely Translated]

[CN] The Great Thief (1777/1976) [On-going Translation]

[CN] Rebirth of the thief who roamed the world (995/995) [Completely Translated]

[CN] Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (856/856) [Completely Translated] [MC is a horndog*]

[CN] Sword Among us (767/1270) [Completely Translated]

Overview: Surprisingly, most of the webnovels in the VRMMO genre is exactly the same, starts off with a betrayal from his lifelong company/studio/guild, then followed by transmigration back to the beginning of the game.

Then he will borrow money, get a gaming set, then abuse their “body movements from the future”, and use some skill that allows them to climb places they cannot climb and then obtain op equipment.

Next, he will either have ways to power level, earn money, start a guild, fight against the previous life betrayers.

P.S There will be usually a “noob” but loyal buddy, (usually a fatass) that helped him all the way in his previous life and the protagonist carries him in this life.


Type – VRMMO Transmigration

[CN] Night Ranger (735/735) [Completely Translated] [Eastern Fantasy, Unique Classes, No other players, Hidden Plot]

[CN] Advent of the Archmage (726/726) [Completely Translated] [Eastern Fantasy, Mages, Hidden Plot]

Overview: For both NR and AOTA, they have similar world-building, feels like eastern fantasy and they will slowly progress into saving the world, with many hidden plots gradually getting revealed on why they actually transmigrated. The levels system is very small though, so you will not see level grinding. More of an adventure story.

[CN] The Legendary Mechanic (952/1346 ++) [On-going Translation] [Sci-fi, User Become NPC, Real Players] {Becomes NPC that gives out quest while progressing, in an extremely technologically advanced world}

[CN] The Amber Sword (360/1457) [On-going Translation] [Eastern Fantasy, Swords and magic, Lots of POV, NPC world] {More on Aristocracy and talking than actual grinding}

[JP] Overlord (V14/V14) [Completely Translated] [Adventure, Multiple POV, OP Protagonist, Dark] {Probably the least amount of levels compared to the rest of the novels, but lots of Cunning situation and dark situation, well he is the lord of a tomb and OP from start}



Type – Book Transmigration

[KR] The Novel’s Extra (378) [Completely Translated]

[KR] The editor is the Novel’s Extra (45/211 +) [On-going translation and writing]

[KR] The novel’s Villain (47/249) [On-going Translation]

[KR] Omniscient Reader Viewpoint (551/551) [Completely Translated]

[KR] Trash of the count’s family (590/594+ ) [On-going Translation and writing] [Different from the rest, more on living peacefully than interacting with the plot, but on how he failed to live peacefully lol]

Overview: Although they have extremely similar names, they are written by different authors. However, as you can tell from the names, they are similar in the plot too. The protagonists are readers or writers of the novel, where they are suddenly transported to the novel’s world.

However, because they are devoted readers, they know almost everything about the plot, or at least until the part where they stopped writing. An extremely new take on the whole “memories of the world” kind of plot.

This gives the author new ways to write the story, for example, you will be able to know how the antagonists move and think because, well they know everything about the world. Or how the actual novel’s protagonist moves.

[JP] My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending [116/116 + ] [On-going Translations and writing] {Transmigrated into a game, trying to survive as the king of trash, schemes, and plot}



Type – Xuan Huan

[CN] Sovereign of the Three Realms (2376/2376) [Completely Translated] [Multiple Realms, Alchemist, Adventure] {uses his knowledge of the best cultivation techniques and lots of abilities that he already knows to return back to the realm he came from}

[CN] Zhan Xian (430/1330) [On-going Translations] [Unique start, Multiple Realms] {He uses the abilities obtained as an immortal executioner when he dies to reincarnate with the best knowledge and talent to prevent walking down the same path again}

[CN] Tales of Demon and Gods (492/492) [Translation completed but story halted from author] [Unique World and cultivation techniques, Legends] {A unique cultivation world with a never seen before cultivation system, the protagonist returned back with hundreds of years worth of memories to speed up the cultivation of him and the friends around him to prevent the same tragedy}

[CN] Reverend Insanity (1893/2335) [Completely Translated] [Unique cultivation methods, small cultivation system, slow level-ups, lots of schemes, antihero protagonist] {Our protagonist roamed the world for hundreds of years and got transported back to the beginning, which he brought back with him the cruel experience of the world and his personality, really crazy mc.}

[CN] Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao (1439/4915) [On-going Translations] {The world’s best in alchemy trying to regain what he has lost after failing to ascend}

[CN] Transcending the Nine Heavens (1400/2750) [On-going Translations] [Multiple Realms, Power-skip, Politics, Plot] {This webnovel has a lot of Power spike, he goes back to the past to change a lot of things such as his cultivation foundation, or affecting the situation of various clans and families. The main factor of this webnovel is he uses his memories to help in politics and plot which is more than the action and cultivation}

Similar novels by the same author of (TTNH): I am supreme, realms in the firmament – his webnovels can be confusing, but will be understood if you read it all the way. Especially I am supreme.



Type – Teacher

[CN] Emperor’s Domination (3133/4084+) [On-going Translation and Writing] [Adventure, sects, Multiple realms] {Memories from teaching numerous pinnacle experts from their very beginning, millions of years of experience and finally able to use it on himself, more on abusing the memories to activate plot devices than cultivation}

[CN] Library of Heaven’s Path (2268/2268) [Completely Translated] [Unique profession, master of all, adventure] {A hidden library the grants the protagonist the knowledge of everything under the world in which he slowly uses them to train his ‘professions’ and disciples. More cultivation than Emperor’s domination}



Type – KR Dungeons and Towers

[KR] Master hunter K (183/183) [Completely Translated] [More to the betrayal than meets the eye]

[KR] Reincarnator (492/492) [Completely Translated]

[KR] Second Life Ranker (234/800) [On-going Translations] [Memory transfer from twin brother, still same type of plot]

[KR] A Returner’s magic should be special (179/314) [On-going Translations] [Weak MC, but OP analysis ability]

Overview: The protagonists of the webnovels were humanity’s last hope of defeating a tower climb or dungeon, they were the survivors of the whole population and was to the point of ‘clearing’ the tower. However, they still lost and both got sent back in time.

Which will then lead to them obtaining the most contribution for every level and abusing whatever they can to become as strong as possible.

Because of their memories, they are able to sacrifice most people while considering the bigger picture and groom a rare few ‘contestants’.

2. Spirit Advisor

Spirit advisors

Spirit Advisors are always the best read as it makes the whole reading of hundreds of chapters much more engaging as compared to the MC being alone.



[CN] Undefeated god of war (943/943) [Completely Translated] [Trainer trying to restore the legacy of his army]

[CN] Battle through the heavens (1648/1648) [Completely Translated] [Master trying to pass down his legacy while MC takes revenge for him]

[CN] Coiling dragon (806/806) [Completely Translated] [Eastern fantasy, with a grandpa teaching the protagonist step by step until he discovered more of the world and surpass him (sad part) ]

[CN] Nine Godheads (85/556) [Indefinite Hiatus] [Group of old foggys teaching the protagonist everything, cultivation, professions]

[CN] Painting of the Nine Immortals (1003/2868) [Translations Halted] [extremely similar to nine godheads, but he slowly awakens them one by one]

[JP] Sevens (343/343) [Completely Translated] [He gets to meet 7 of his ancestors, but it is set in a world with much more talking and conspiracies compared to action]

[CN] Against the Gods (176/1767 +) [On-going Translations and writing] [Spirit advisor more similar to a secret lover]

[CN] Martial God Asura (4389 / 4779) [On-going Translation and writings] [More of a companion in his long journey]


Overview: Spirit Advisors are one of the best plot devices IMO, it gives a plot-driving factor and provides training for the protagonist in a not so overly excessive manner. They do not get overpowered instantly and still goes through the process of training. But with less twists and turns and more guidance.



Honestly, though, systems are like the bread and butter of a transmigration webnovels, except for the typical xuanhuan cultivation webnovels, having a cheat with a system or game elements is considered normal. Here are some interesting webnovels with a system.

Type – Slice of Life

[CN] I’m Really a Super Star (1696/1696) [Webnovel banned in CN] [Showbiz]

[CN] Game Market 1983 (79/227) [Translations halted] [Programming, leveling system]

[KR] God of Cooking (260/733) [On-going Translations] [Cooking, plain and simple system]

[CN] Gourmet food supplier (944/1919) [On-going Translations] [Cooking, leveling system]

[CN] Scholar’s Advanced Technological System (1011/1682) [On-going Translations] [Training to be a scholar]

Overview: No cultivation involved, just becoming the best in their respective professions in their world



Type – Comedic System

[CN] The Strongest system (1159/1159) [Completely Translated] [Shameless Protagonist, xuanhuan] {Cultivation realm increase through grinding experience, taking damage, eating pills}

[CN] Ultimate scheming system (1566/1566) [Author hiatus] [Xianxia] {Points increase through ‘Acting Tough’, the protagonist stupid ways makes it entertaining}

[CN] The experimental log of the crazy lich (809/836) [On-going Translations] [Wars, Fantasy world] {Trying to gain points by doing ‘evil’ like stealing a lollipop from children…}



Type – Pure Cultivation advancement System

[CN] Crazy leveling system (410/3002) [On-going Translations] [XuanHuan, Weak to strong] [Exp Grind]

[CN] Levelling up and becoming undefeatable (509/2165) [On-going Translations] [Xuanhuan, fanfic] [Exp Grind]

Type – Fanfictions

[CN] In Different World with a Naruto System (381/381) [Completely Translated] {Naruto World, wish fulfillment,}

[CN] God of Soul System (513/709) [On-going Translations] {One piece and bleach}

[CN] Long Live the Hokage (334/567) [On-going Translations] {49 years old MC (interesting twist), from the time of Hashirama and Madara, experiencing of generations}

[CN] Reincarnation Paradise (310/2689) [On-going Translations] {Anime Travelling}




[CN] Neet receives a dating sim system (842/842) [Author Hiatus] [Modern world, hidden society, school life]

Short Summary: The world-building is great, a different kind of cultivator society slowly gets revealed as our MC have a mysterious background, but had to live a normal life because of his talents.

The system allows him to progress fast enough to let him overcome the various plot device to build up the cultivation world.


[CN] Monster Paradise (1418/1432+) [On-going Translations and writings] [Sci-fi, Pokemon-like, Unique world and cultivation system]

Short Summary: Set in­ a world filled with dimensional creatures, our protagonist obtained a ‘Goldfinger’ literally means ‘golden spoon’, which allow him to climb in his cultivation as fast as possible, however, he is not the only one with it, but he obtains one of the strongest tiered one.

It provides almost all sorts of functions that will gradually get revealed. But the most interesting one is the capturing of monsters and summoning them.


[CN] Carefree Path of Dreams (1172/1181) [On-going Translations] {Multiple realms, pragmatic protagonist, xuan huan, no romance}

Short Summary: He starts off in farming, however, it is not a webnovel on farming, it later branches out to him traveling multiple worlds and being more focused on cultivation instead. Lots of unique world-building and side characters.


[KR] Solo Levelling (243/243) [Completely Translated] [Dungeons, Rankers, Unique ability, Country Politics]

Short Summary: Similar to The Gamer, the MC will receive a MMORPG system that is different from the rest of the unique abilities that are part of the world.


[CN] Shadow Hack (989/989) [Completely Translated] [Sci-fi, Futuristic, Multiple Realms]

Short Summary: Shadow Hack is a webnovel that is like playing an idle RPG, feels like the webnovel is writing the game into a webnovel. Similar style of cloning and then farming and multiply exponentially




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