Hello there, the mission today would be finding intelligent protagonist in webnovels. A genuinely rare sight. Have you had enough of those overly exaggerated fights with just names of skill coming out again and again where the protagonist only uses his cultivation level and brute force to win? Or a secret hidden trump card that no one even knew existed? Well, I am here to enlighten you on 10 webnovels with a protagonist that does not have a negative in intelligence stats.

This is all my opinion, I solemnly apologize if I miss your favorite and badass protagonist.

Number 10.

Advent of the Archmage

10 webnovels with smart mc

Alternative name: AOTA, Descent of the God of Magic

Forms: Webnovels

Chapters: 726 (completely translated)

Author: Mo Xiang

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Language: CN

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Supernatural, Tragedy

Type: Transmigrated into VRMMO, game elements, simple level system, sword and magic, cheat system,

saving the world


Our protagonist – Link, used to be a top Archmage and strongest player in a game called Legend. Where the normal transmigration happen when he defeated the last boss. At this point, generally, what a protagonist would do is use his knowledge of the world to obtain the “secret class”, “strongest item” or “strongest skills”. Which he did none of that.

He is constantly at a disadvantage from the start that caused him to use his wits and spells of the lowest tier to overcome the lingering danger. A mage that knows how to use his brain instead of just “Lightning bolt! Fireball!”

It is interesting to see how he uses various spells to his advantage. However, it has some plot holes and armor that you might not like. But putting that aside, the first few hundred chapters is a great change of pace for magicians in VRMMO.

Similar Novels: Mages are too OP (R-18)

Number 9.

No Game No life

10 Best webnovels to start off with

Forms: Lightnovel / Anime / Movie

Chapters: 10 Volumes (hiatus)

Author: Kamiya Yuu

Translator: Yen Press

Language: JP

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural

Type: Games, Fantasy World, bro-con and sis-con, Neet, world system, rules


Hmm, what can I say? For those who watched the anime, stop waiting for season 2 and just read this. For those who are finding an intelligent mc, the easiest way to prove the author’s brain is through games!

Although there isn’t any typical killing, revenge, cultivation in this world, it has a great world system. It is denominated through games. Eg. Chess, labyrinth RPG game, Othello, and many others. If you are fed up with reading too many killings recently, this is a great change of pace. The chapters are just right for you to enjoy.

The rules of the world make the story unique and it gradually reveals a darker side of the world. The foreshadowing also occurs over volumes with constant revelations. Furthermore, the side characters are not people without personalities, they are developed and thought out, especially on the backstories and abilities they have.

However, there might be less exciting scenes of slice of life and ecchi that brings down the overall story. But the “action” during the games makes this whole novel an enjoyable read.

Similar novels: Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? (lots of viewpoint of different characters, and information bomb on myths, history, and other lores, might not be good for some readers)

Number 8.

Way of Choices

10 webnovels with smart mc

Alternative Names: Ze Tian Ji, Fighter of Destiny

Forms: Webnovel, drama, anime

Chapters: 1184 Chapters (Completely Translated)

Author: Mao Ni

Translator: Hypersheep325

Language: CN

Genre: Action, Drama, Xuanhuan

Type: Extremely slow-paced, F**k the protagonist life, world-building, character interactions


If you are finding a normal cultivation novel, that the protagonist grows from weak to strong to overpowered, this is not for you, skip to the next one. Way of Choices is a webnovel but not a webnovel.

This book can be published as a normal book and would be best-selling if it weren’t for the excessive word count.

Our Protagonist does not have any cheat system, unbelievable talent, nor can he cultivate. What he does is what the title suggests, his choice. He follows what he firmly believes in and disregards all those “young masters” that come after him. But even the “young masters” are developed and have some sort of intelligence. Basically, this is like reading a story with working brains and feelings applied to all characters.

The only downside to this is the lack of focus on cultivation, excessive text, and his fiancée.

Similar Novels: Nightfall (Another masterpiece)

I suggest watching the drama for both Way of choices and Nightfall if you are too lazy to read over 1000 chapters, the drama are amazing.

Number 7.

Reverend Insanity

10 webnovels with smart mc

Alternative Name: Daoist Gu, Master of Gu, Gu Zhen Ren

Forms: Webnovel / Manga

Chapters: 1877/2335 Chapters (On-going translation/ Hiatus for CN)

Author: Gu Zhen Ren

Translator: Atlas Studios

Language: CN

Genre: Action, Adventure, Mature, Psychological, Tragedy, Xianxia

Type: Not for Kids, Dark, Protagonist with twisted personality, Unbelievable scenes, Tragedies

Those who are faint-hearted, please don’t try this novel. Well, firstly, this novel is banned by the government in China. Although the reason is undisclosed, it is most probably the contents. Yea, it’s extremely dark. I hope those that read this stay calm. That’s really the only flaw of this novel.

However, without the “crazy protagonist” theme, there would probably not be such a masterpiece. For our mc, he is the type of person that can do whatever he needs to get to his goal. He may seem to be “righteous” but his heart has never been colder. Every step he takes is part of his plan and slowly revealed. Furthermore, the villains that go against him are not stupid.

The author probably thought for a long time and planned out the plot before writing. The concept of cultivation using different types of worms is interesting by itself. However, the driving factor of this novel is the twisted personality of the protagonist.

One of the best read if you are anti-hero.

Once again, Warning: Kids do not try this please, it is banned in China for a reason.

Similar novels: Nothing can come close

Number 6.

Emperor’s Domination

10 Best webnovels to start off with

Forms: Webnovel

Chapters: 3117/4084 Chapters (On-going)

Author: Yan Bi Xiao Sheng

Translator: ImmortalEmperorBao

Language: CN

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mystery, Xuanhuan

Type: Realm visits, protagonist that lived through ages, scheming

If we have a depressing cultivation novel, we also have a typical OP mc cultivation novel.

But wait, this protagonist is a crow that lived for millions of years. With his memories and disciples that he taught, he managed to have a foundation throughout the universe.

Which is still there, although most of the time it has deteriorated, which he takes advantage of to do whatever he can to increase his prowess now that he has a human body. Although he is extremely arrogant, what do you expect of a million years crow that taught countless pinnacle existence.

Most of the time, he uses the things that he had prepared when he was still roaming as a crow and is trying to gather everything for a deeper plot. It might seem repetitive, it has an incredible amount of foreshadowing that spans for hundreds, if not thousands of chapters.

If you like an mc that uses his past memories to play a big role (although many might see it as plot armor explanation, it is the plot of the story). This is a great read that will last you for quite a while. Also, he does not act like those reincarnated main leads that still act snobbish despite their “actual” age. Li Qiye, still acts like he is as old as the universe.

Similar Novels: Tales of Demon and Gods (More on cultivation)

Number 5.

Dungeon Defense

10 webnovels with smart mc

Forms: Webnovel

Chapters: 5 Volumes (Hiatus)

Author: Yoo Heonhwa

Translator: Shalvation

Language: KR

Genre: Action, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Horror, Mature, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Seinen

Type: Dungeons, Demon lords, Plotting, Demon Hierarchy, Lazy protagonist, Army building

As the saying goes, the lazier the person, the more efficient he is. Our protagonist’s spirit animal is his own pillow. He managed to sleep 22 hours a day and it is not enough.

He is a regular neet that got transmigrated into the very game world that he completed many times. However, as the story progresses, he is actually not a “regular” neet, from the progression, it has been seen numerous times that his IQ is actually extremely high, that he became a neet because of unwanted communication with the rest of the world.

Although most of his plan comes from what you would say “plot armor” of knowing the story, his way of executing it is flawless. He has a seemingly foolish exterior that can turn dark when provoked. No one around him knows what his actual plans are. Which makes it quite an exciting read.

The best part is he is extremely lazy.

Similar Novels: Overlord (but he is op and not lazy)

Number 4.

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

10 webnovels with smart mc

Alternative Names: Omniscient Reader

Forms: Webnovel

Chapters: 516 Chapters (main), 35 Chapters (Epilogue) [Completely Translated]

Author: Sing Shong

Translator: RainbowTurtle / A Passing Wanderer

Language: KR

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mature, Mystery, Psychological, Tragedy

Type: Transmigrated into story, Scenarios, Game elements, “Story readers”, Modern world, apocalypse

This story has a different take to traditional KR dungeon novels, it seems to have 2 main leads, which is our actual protagonist and the MC of the Book that our protagonist stumbled into.

The world seems to be changed, instead of the protagonist going into a book. The power-up system are interesting, sort of like donations streamers give to our “streamer” which got involved in the webnovel. And some other methods.

Although as usual, most plotting and plans comes from our all-knowing reader of a protagonist. However, it is still a interesting take on the dungeon novels. Might not be appealing to those that don’t understand all the history info dumps.

Similar Novels: The novel’s extra

Number 3.

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

10 webnovels with smart mc

Forms: Webnovel

Chapters: 54/ 400 (On-going translation)

Author: Shin Noah

Artist: Mintaka Kim

Translator: WH

Language: KR

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mature, Psychological, Supernatural

Type: Dungeons, game elements, skills, ranks, classes, crazy protagonist

This might seem like your typical dungeon crawling from the lowest level to the highest level novel, however as you can see from the title, there is a twist. Our protagonist awakened a little special skill, that only activates when he dies.

So how does it happen? Sorry for the spoilers, I’m afraid if I don’t drop some spoilers, most of you would not read it for more than 5 chapters. Anyway, he can clone skills from anything that kills him. One of the skills he gains would be a revival one that returns him 24 hours to the past. (He did something insane when he obtained it).

When you read up to this point, you might feel that the story will get more and more pointless. However please continue reading as you will be wrong. Although he gets op skills, the way that he gets, utilizes, and abuses them is something you would never expect. Especially when you thought the way he gets his skills are random.

Well, I won’t spoil anymore, but our author probably spent a lot of time thinking about the usage of the skills and the plot. One of the most unique ways to fuse all elements of Korean webnovels together. (game elements, dungeon, tower climb, and even transmigration).

Similar novels: You probably won’t be able to find something that is so well thought out

Number 2.

Lord of the Mysteries

10 webnovels with smart mc

Forms: Webnovel / Manga

Chapters: 1394 Chapters (Completely Translated)

Author: Cuttlefish that loves Diving

Translator: Atlas Studios

Language: CN

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Mature, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural

Type: Mystery, eastern fantasy, dark, world-building, realms and universe, occasional pov

The first impression when reading this would be, “Is this even written by Chinese authors? Those that are in the realm of Martial god asura?” You will be stunned.

It carries an eastern fantasy vibe that is filled with mystical powers. Yup, not cultivation. But a general system that consists of different abilities (Tarot cards, Divinations, Nightmares, Food Fantasy, and many others). It seems like a fusion of all the imaginary abilities that we thought of before.

It will all come under the power level of Lord of the mystery’s world. It is definitely not excessive and no power stronger than another. It is balanced.

You might get confused about what is going on in the first few chapters, as long as you don’t give up on this novel, this novel will not fail you.

Similar novels: Release the witch, Throne of magical arcana [Both are not as good as this]

Number 1.

warlock of the magus world

10 webnovels with smart mc

Forms: Webnovel

Chapters: 1200 Chapters (Completely Translated)

Author: The Plagiarist

Translator: OMA

Language: CN

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Mature

Type: Dark, Gore, (Yea, I realized most of the mc that can think comes from these genres), AI.chip, eastern fantasy, mutation, simple mage system.

Leylin farlier is someone that grows mentally, but not in a good way.

His character growth is towards darker and darker, the world is in such a way that everyone is sort of like a “black” magician.

Human experiments, slaves and so on. Although the start might be slow, it sets the world right and once the pace begins, it doesn’t slow down.

Even the start shows the intelligence our main character has. Because of his ‘talent’ he uses various methods and ways to overcome the difference between him and the rest.

Lots of scheming and planning because of his ‘weak’ abilities in the first few chapters.

However, he still slowly gets stronger. And finally, even if this novel is extremely dark, and he does everything that is disturbing, he still does not resort to raping people. Unlike some righteous mc (m ehem g ehem a).

Great novel, for aspiring mages in the underground world.

Similar novels: Age of adepts, The Wizard world


Hope you fellow Daoists are satisfied, any recommendations, can always find me on my discord.

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